Qoumantry Amritsar Times is a Punjabi Newspaper Published in California. It is the largestcirculated Punjabi Newspaper in California, New York, New Jersey, Seattle, Portland, Chicago, Milwaukee, Michigan, Phoenix, Dallas, and Houston. Qoumantry Amritsar Times has emerged as one of the best Punjabi Newspaper in the United States.
We have a readership of more than 100,000 and growing strong. Qoumantry Amritsar Times is currently being printed in two editions—East Coast and West Coast.
The newspaper has at its helm highly professional journalists with long careers to their credit. It presents news and views in an unbiased and professional way. Its editorial policy is by far the most independent for any comparable newsweekly. The first part of the newspaper contains important news developments from the USA, Canada, India, South Asia and other parts of the world where the community has concerns. This section also includes separate pages for subjects such as Editorial, Health Care, Films, Games & Literature etc.
We focus on features, interviews, entertainment, community news and latest political developments in America, Canada and India, along with other countries of the world.

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